Islamic Pattern Teachers

Islamic Pattern Teachers

Hello everyone! Since I started practicing traditional Islamic art, I have been getting a lot of questions about resources to learn Traditional Islamic art, so I thought it will be helpful to write a post about the teachers of Islamic patterns I know in the UK and Internationally. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in London, UK:   

  • Art of Islamic Pattern  

    This is a private studio in London run by Richard Henry and Adam Williamson. They were my first teachers of Islamic geometric and biomorphic patterns. They are AMAZING and very generous with their knowledge and skills. I did a couple classes with them in London and I went with them on their international study trips inGranadaFez and Istanbul. Most of my current good friends were their students that I met in their classes. This is more than an art studio. It's a whole community. Highly recommended. 
  • Prince's School of Traditional Arts

    PSTA is where Richard and Adam attended to learn traditional arts. So, it was only right to checkout the source. PSTA open program offers a number of really good courses in various areas such as geometry, arabesque, illumination, gilding, miniature, calligraphy and more. I took five short courses with them that were taught by different teachers and each one was very talented and giving. I received their open program diploma in Traditional Arts last year. I still have few courses in mind that I want to attend. The teachers who taught me there were Tom BreeDr. Lisa DeLongAmber Khokhar and Farkhondeh Ahmadzadeh.  
  • Esra Alhamal (This website's curator and writer)
    Esra has studied with the Art of Islamic Patterns and Prince's School of Traditional Arts (mentioned above). She also did more private training. She usually teaches short workshops and teasers in galleries and universities. Contact Esra if you are interested in hosting a workshop or learning from her.  
  • Ayesha Gamiet

    Ayesha is one of the PSTA graduates and she teaches with them and in her private studio. She has a range of different classes especially for illumination. She is a very talented artist and a wonderful teacher. 
  • Samira Mian

    Samira is a friend of mine with 12 years of teaching experience. Her understanding of geometric pattern comes from her maths expertise. She is super fun and very skilled. She is giving a number of workshops around London.  
  • Eric Broug

    I haven't done any classes personally with Eric, but he is a Facebook sensation. He also gives lots of workshops around the UK, Internationally and online. Not to mention that everyone who is interested in Islamic pattern most probably owns his book. Check his website for a list of his workshops or contact him on Facebook. He is very responsive and active on there. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in Birmingham, UK:   

  • Shaheen Kasmani

    Shaheen is a great artist and teacher. She is a PSTA graduate and she offers workshops on geometric/biomorphic patterns in her studio in Birmingham and around the UK. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in different places in the UK:   

  • Saba Rifat
    I haven't personally taken any classes with Saba, but she is a popular arabesque and geometry teacher in the UK and she has a published book with patterns too. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in Istanbul, Turkey

  • The Istanbul Design Centre  

    I went to Istanbul with the Art of Islamic Pattern and we spent the week in the Istanbul Design Centre. I found out that the centre offer a number of classes. I think mainly in Turkish though. 
  •  Dilara Yarcı Diniz

    When I was in Istanbul, I really wanted to learn the Turkish illumination style, so I asked around until I found Dilara. I did an intensive private week with her. She was so good and she speaks great English. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in Saudi

  • House Of Traditional Arts

    PSTA and Art Jameel have collaborated to bring this training centre to Jeddah. It teaches Islamic patterns and other traditional Arts. Full details and workshops on their website. 
  • Dana Awartani

    Dana is a very talented artists. She graduated from PSTA and she gives workshops and short courses in Jeddah and the gulf. She announces her workshops on her Instagram account. 
  • Maram Al Hidmi

    I only talked to Maram through Instagram, but she seems to be qualified and talented. She gives some workshops in Jeddah with Tasami Creative Lab.    
  • Mojdeh Afsaneh Khalighi

    I saw her on instagram and her tezhip work is beautiful and she gives a number of courses in Riyadh. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in Qatar

  • Katara Cultural Village

    Katara offer a range of art workshops and sometimes they host PSTA or other Islamic pattern artists to give classes. It's worth checking out if you are there. 
  • Aziza Iqbal

    Aziza is a very talented artist living in Qatar. She gives a number of workshops on Islamic geometric patterns there. She announces her workshops on Instagram. 
  • Museum of Islamic Art

    The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar is the most recognized museum in that area. They give calligraphy and Islamic geometry workshops. I noticed that they website is not up to date with some workshops, so it's good to contact them directly to find out more.   

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in Kuwait

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in the UAE

  • Bayt Alqandeel  

    Bay Al Qandeel work with the Art of Islamic Pattern and they offer intensive Islamic pattern courses twice a year in Abu Dhabi. You can either contact them or contact the Art of Islamic Pattern  directly. 

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in Toronto, Canada: 

  • Unaiza Karim Arts

    She is a PSTA graduate and gives workshops on Islamic illuminations. She was suggested by one of our followers. She seems very accomplished.  

Traditional Islamic Art Teachers in the USA

  • Parvin Sepehr

    Parvin gives workshops on Persian miniature, which is part of the traditional Pre&Post Islamic. She was suggested by one of our followers.   

If all these locations are far from you, then you can keep an eye on these inspiring Instagram accounts and Facebook groups:

By the way, if you know about more teachers and schools that teach Islamic traditional arts then please share in the comments below :)