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Carpet Pages II: Roots

I will be participating in a new group exhibition called Carpet Pages II: Roots in London in October! I am working on a new large scale painting that combines the traditional style suns that are found in Islamic manuscripts and adding little touches of my personal London life in there. I am currently sharing the progress on my art instagram, but it’s always better to see them in person, so save the date!

This exhibition focuses on the motif of roots, which contains a multiplicity of ideas – the physical structure of plant roots; the natural pigments and dyes made from roots used in carpet weaving; the metaphorical nature of ancestral roots; roots that link to a homeland; feeling rooted in the earth or in a place, space or time. They can be etymological. They can be a process. Roots can be the basic cause, origin or source of something; they can be its seed, germ or beginning; they can be its heart, foundation or essence. They can be hierarchical or rhizomatic.

It is the second series of a previous show titled Carpet Pages I. It is inspired by carpet pages found in Qurans and manuscripts about connecting, traditions, belonging and the physical and emotional meaning of roots.

Curated by: Vaishali Prazmari - More information about the show

Private View

10th October 2019 6-9pm


The Art Pavilion Mile End, Climton Road, Bow, London E3 4QY