Team Building Islamic Art - Islamic Illumination Workshop

Team Building Islamic Art Workshop London
Team Building Islamic Art Workshop London

What is Islamic Illumination? What would we learn on this workshop? 

Islamic illumination is an art form that dates back to the 8th century. It simply means adding gold to a pattern to be bright and sparkly.  It was found to decorate Qurans. The most sophisticated and elaborate designs come from 14th to 16th centuries. The art form developed to include other types of manuscripts as well. This workshop will teach you the process of painting a pattern following the traditional painting order. Design will be provided. This art form uses real gold, but for this short workshop, you will be painting with gouache gold unless you want to paint with real gold then that can be arranged too. 

Mamluk Quran illuminated
Persian Quran Illuminated


Cost: Cost depends on length and number of people. Please contact us to get the exact cost based on your needs. 
Session length: Three to four hours. 
Group size: 10 people maximum. 
Session includes: Islamic designs/patterns to choose from, tea stained paper, gouache paints, brushes.  
Suited to: Anyone! This workshop is designed for beginners. 
Location: London, UK. I can come to you at your office space, a local venue or function space.

Why is Islamic Illumination workshop a great team building idea? 

  • Islamic illumination workshops are fun, creative and suitable for males and females.
  • The workshop will be designed for your team. 
  • The team will come away with a new experience & a new skill!