Art of Islamic Illumination فن التذهيب الإسلامي
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Learn the beautiful art of Islamic illumination Online تعلم التذهيب الإسلامي أونلاين

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Upcoming Workshops

2019 Islamic Illumination Workshops in UK

London & Manchester

London Workshops

Central London, Islington

  • 11am to 5pm on Wednesdays

  • 18th Sep, 23rd Oct, 20th Nov and/or 18th Dec

South London, Kingston

  • 11am to 3pm on 29th Sep and/or 1st Dec 2019

  • 2pm to 6pm on 24th Nov 2019

Islamic illumination Painting Cass Art Islington (FULL DAY)
from 48.00
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Islamic illumination Painting workshop in Cass Art Kingston
from 38.00
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Manchester Workshop

Saturday 21st September. 2019 in Cass Art Manchester

Islamic illumination Manchester (full day)
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Learn the art of Islamic illumination Online!

Learn Tezhip Online تعلم التذهيب عبر الانترنت

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Previous Islamic illumination Workshops

Islamic Illumination full day workshops in Cass Art Islington 2018

Islamic Illumination half day workshops in Cass Art Kingston 2018

Islamic illumination tester workshop during Manifesting The Unseen Exhibition in November and December 2018

Menier Gallery part of the Transition show in collaboration with Reconnecting Arts, Aug 2017

SOAS Workshop March, 2017

P21 gallery Workshops (November and December 2016)

Islamic Illumination one day teaser class at P21 gallery in London with ReConnect-ing Arts.
All photos taken by Sara Foryame

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Here are some recommendations that would help you with painting illuminated patterns