Gouache Paint Explained

Everything you need to know about Gouache paint, what it is? how it is used? Best gouache paint brands and how to start painting with gouache.

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ما هو فن التذهيب الإسلامي؟

التذهيب الإسلامي يُستخدم في تزيين حواشي المصاحف وكتب الشعر وكتب التي تغلبها المنمنمات. فن التذهيب مُستلهم من الطبيعة بشكل كبير ولكن قواعد الرسوم مُستندة على الهندسة الإسلامية والتي تكون مخبوءة بالتفاصيل النباتية المعروفة في هذا الفن كما في الصور

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Botanical Indian Miniature

The subject of botany in Indian miniature is different than the how it is portrayed and painted in European/Western botanical studies. The subjects in Indian miniature are stylised plants and trees that are more focused on the aesthetics and the beauty of nature rather than the scientific aspect. As the name suggests a lot of the miniature work is done on a small scale with very fine brushes.

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How to learn Islamic patterns?

How to get started with Islamic patterns? I am writing this guide to help you get started with Islamic art and patterns.

  • What is Islamic Art?

  • What are islamic patterns?

  • What are the islamic pattern types?

  • Where to learn islamic geometric patterns?

  • Where to learn biomorphic patterns?

  • What’s the meaning of Islamic pattern?

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How to have a creative Ramadan?

How to have a creative Ramadan? | Six ways to have a more creative month

  • Connect creativity to spirituality

  • Create something related to Ramadan

  • Set yourself a time to be creative

  • Dedicate a space for creativity

  • Have a creative Ramadan social

  • Give yourself a creative goal

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Botanical painting

This post covers the basics of botanical drawing and botanical painting and break it down to eight steps that will help you get started.

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Botanical Illustration

Botany is so fascinating and I am trying to understand it better to create better artwork. I took two workshops to help me: Introduction to Botany and Painting Botany and Taxonomy and I am going to share all the things I learnt with you on this post!

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Learn Islamic Illumination/Tezhip Online

Have you always wanted to learn the art of islamic illumination (tezhip) and it is always taught far away from you? Well now you can learn the basics with me online and start making your own gold and painting with it following the traditional painting order!

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Can artists declutter and have a clutter-free spaces?

Can artists declutter and have a clutter-free spaces? My artist friend said it was impossible, but I disagree. Here are fives to help you declutter and minimise your art space to have empty surfaces to work on.

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Lustre Tiles: Kashan Tiles 

Lustre tiles are shiny and have a gold like layer on top, but there is a method to making and painting them that you might not read about in making ceramic tiles. This post will tell you how to do your own tile from start to finish!

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Traditional Islamic Ceramic Tiles

There are so many styles and techniques to ceramic tiles. The term itself is a big umbrella to tens of variations. This post will focus on traditional Islamic tiles that use a black outline around the biomorphic (vegetal and floral) patterns.

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