Islamic Illumination is an educational website run by Esra Alhamal to share her journey and lessons with everything that is related to Islamic arts. This website is only run by Esra and it is not a company, therefore, she does not accept any CVs or employees. If you are an artist looking for work in the field of traditional arts, Esra wishes you the best of luck, but she cannot help you in securing a job and she is not looking for anyone to work for her at the moment. 

Please get in touch if:

  • You have questions about tutorials, tools or have any other art inquiries. 
  • You want Esra Alhamal to exhibit her work at your gallery or institution. 
  • You want Esra Alhamal to teach/lecture at your gallery or institution. 
  • You are an art supplies brand or other brand that would like to collaborate. 
  • You would like to comission illuminated/golden artwork. 

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