How to have a creative Ramadan?

How to have a creative Ramadan?

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!!

I am finally excited about this month. I was a little worried and anxious about fasting and my productivity level, but I am really pleased now that it is here and I am ready to make the most of this month God wiling. Being creative is an important part of my mental health and wellbeing. Creating and painting Islamic illumination helps me think and stay calm. The weeks, where I don’t paint, I get easily frustrated and stressed. That is why I want to have a creative Ramadan as well because that will help me soak up the spirituality and the goodness of this month. I have six tips fo you to help you keep your creative juices flowing during this holy month and I am hoping to do them as well!

Ramadan Terminology:

  • Ramadan is the holy month of fast, where practicing Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and abstain from eating, drinking and saying or doing anything negative during those hours.

  • Iftar is the first meal Muslims have after they break their fast, which just translates to breakfast. Sometimes this word is changed based on other languages and the word Ftoor or iftari are used. They all mean the same thing.

  • Suhoor is the last, late meal Muslims have before they start their fast, which just translates to that time of night. Sometimes this word is changed based on other languages and the word sehari, but it means the same thing.

  • Quran is the holy book and scared text for Muslims.

  • Eid is the celebration that happens right after Ramadan, where people and their families gather to have breakfast and sweets. Sometimes there is a gift exchange.

How to have a creative Ramadan?

Connect creativity to spirituality

Creating art is not just an activity you do to kill some spare time, it’s a rewarding practice that’s good for your mind and soul. When you view your creative process as a meditative process that increases your spirituality then you would want to do it more often. Islamic art in general is about the process and about training the soul to be patient with all the little details and drawing every line will fulfil your soul. If your creative process is by hand without the need to focus too much, you can be creative and paint while listening to the Quran or an Islamic lecture and that’s just a double win.

Create something related to Ramadan

There are daily supplications for every day and every night of Ramadan and there is a huge amount of inspiration in that. You can use the text, the meaning or the feeling you get to inspire your art of choice. That makes the art you will create more rooted to this month and it will encourage you to keep going.

Set yourself a time to be creative

The word creative is very generic and it could mean anything from writing to painting to filming to whatever else. So, whatever it is you enjoy doing and feel that release, dedicate time to it. Assess your own schedule during this month. When is it you have the most free time? When do you feel frustrated the most and need to let those feelings out? Are you more in the mood to create at night before suhoor? or during the day before iftar? Whatever it might be, you know yourself best and all you have to do is choose an hour a day that works best for you.

Dedicate a space for creativity

Being all over the place is not going to help the creative flow, but if you have a little table or a little corner in your house to make art or write, then it will make it much easier to focus and create. It can even be the same corner you dedicate to prayer if you have one. This is just about setting the scene for your mind to recognise creation time!

Have a creative Ramadan social

Ramadan is full of community and social gatherings and to be honest that is one of the things I am really looking forward to the most! I am looking forward to going back home and spending the evenings with my family, but I might add in a creative social as well. I know the nights are short for all the things we want to do, so this creative social can actually be before Iftar if you have time. It is always nice to paint with friends. If you are not sure what creative thing to choose, you can print out the templates from my previous golden flower challenges and have a go with your friends, siblings or other family members.

Give yourself a creative goal

I love goal setting and it really helps me stay on top of my game. For example, this Ramadan I have one painting to finish that I just started and this is all I want to do. It is very detailed and it will probably take me the whole month, but that’s my goal and I would be happy to achieve it. You can do something similar. It doesn’t have to be huge, just a nice, realistic goal to encourage you to keep the momentum going.

Bonus: if you do get creative during the month, you can maybe use some of the art or work you produce as an Eid gift for your loved ones.

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