Islamic Illumination Books (Books for Islamic Art, Islamic Patterns and Islamic Geometry Books)

Islamic Art, Islamic Patterns, Islamic Geometry Books

Books about Islamic art, patterns and geometry are very valuable and they add so much knowledge to you as an artist or as a student. I would highly recommend reading a few book about your chosen subject of Islamic art because that will give you further understanding of the art, its history and how it was formed. 

What does Islamic Art mean? 

The whole study of Islamic art is still considered new. Just the definition of Islamic art is an area of study. Islamic art definition usually means any art and craft that was originated in the Islamic lands by Muslim artists or artists from other faiths who happened to be in an Islamic lands from the 7th to 18th centuries. Obviously, this is very generic and an unfair definition for Islamic Art. There are many arts that fall under this vast filed of study such as Islamic illumination, Islamic manuscripts, Islamic geometry and more. 

Recommended books for Islamic design and patterns

After some research, I found a few books that only discuss Islamic geometric patterns and Islamic illumination. I have compiled a list for you. Make sure you at least read some of them if you are interested in the practical art form. Please click on each book to get directed to the Amazon buying link.