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ما هو فن التذهيب الإسلامي؟

التذهيب الإسلامي يُستخدم في تزيين حواشي المصاحف وكتب الشعر وكتب التي تغلبها المنمنمات. فن التذهيب مُستلهم من الطبيعة بشكل كبير ولكن قواعد الرسوم مُستندة على الهندسة الإسلامية والتي تكون مخبوءة بالتفاصيل النباتية المعروفة في هذا الفن كما في الصور

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Learn Islamic Illumination/Tezhip Online

Have you always wanted to learn the art of islamic illumination (tezhip) and it is always taught far away from you? Well now you can learn the basics with me online and start making your own gold and painting with it following the traditional painting order!

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What is Islamic Illumination?

Islamic illumination is a traditional from of Islamic art. The main goal in this art is to use of gold to paint geometric and/or biomorphic patterns (organic and floral forms and motifs) to decorate the pages of Quran and books of poetry. Read More.

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Persian Illuminations Tutorial التذهيب التقليدي الإيراني

This is step-by-step, detailed tutorial about the traditional Persian Islamic illumination painting with pictures. | هذا درس مفصل بالصور عن طريقة التذهيب الإسلامي على الطريقة الإيرانية/الفارسية

How to paint a Persian Islamic illumination?

  • Prepare your paper with tea and burnishing.

  • Make your colours from natural pigments and gum arabic.

  • Make your shell gold by hand.

  • Choose a design, transfer it then ink it with walnut ink

  • Paint it with gold first then burnish it

  • Outline everything with the black ink

  • Add the rest of the colours in the background.

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