Learn Islamic Illumination/Tezhip Online

Islamic illumination is a traditional art form that came from the Islamic world that developed between the 10th and the 16th centuries. Illumination or Tezhip was applied to Qurans and other manuscripts. This art form is based on the Islamic geometric art, but the geometry is usually covered with organic, free flowing shapes inspired from nature. Sometimes the art of Islamic illumination is referred to as Arabesque in English, islimi in Persian, Rumi in Turkish and Nabati in Arabic. The main reason for using the word illumination is the use of real gold.

I fell in love with this art from the first day I started learning about it and I have been sharing my journey on this blog, instagram and YouTube.

After a few years of practicing and training with Persian and Turkish artists, I started teaching the basics of Islamic illumination, the painting process and drawing the patterns step by step from the geometric grid. My main workshops take place in London, but I do have international ones like the ones I taught in Saudi the start of this year.

However, the international demand for this art has been HUGE! After getting so many requests the past two years to make an online course, I managed to film the full painting process from finding the pattern to finishing it. This has been a huge step that I wanted to take towards sharing this beautiful art form with as many of you as possible. I know how hard it is to find online resources, so I tried my best to deliver on one of the most requested things from me. Let me tell you about this online course:

Learn Islamic Illumination/Tezhip Online

The islamic online course is taught in both English and Arabic and it includes over an hour of video footage, photos, written lessons and some practices to get you involved. The course is three parts. The first part is introduction and a detailed video about all the tools I use. The second part is preparing the paper and the gold before painting. The third part is the detailed painting process, where you can follow along to do your pattern step by step.

  • You will know all the needed tools for the art of illumination/tezhip

  • You will learn how to prepare your paper and make your gold paint from scratch

  • You will complete one pattern step by step

  • You will have access to a student Facebook group

There is also an option to pay for the course with two payments to make it more affordable for you!

Click on the button below if you are interested in enrolling!

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